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The cervical curve ( lordosis ) has functions: to provide optimum space for nerves in the foramen in the cervical spine , to provide shock absorption and imbibition (nutrition) for  the discs, and to provide the correct balance point for your head. We see people everyday that are suffering from the loss of their cervical lordosis. If it is from 2 years ago or from yesterday, they feel the effects. We can help restore the mechanics of your spine, restore function, and get you out of pain and on the road back to your life the way it was before the accident. Here are some examples to illustrate  how significant the loss of lordosis can be…

Consequences of Curve Reduction after MVC (motor vehicle crash)
Loss of the cervical lordosis following MVC exposure has the potential to lead to an increase rate and magnitude of degenerative disc disease and cervical spondylosis.

Reference: Hohl. J Bone Joint Surg 1974; 56-A(8):.
•Furthermore a loss of cervical lordosis (straight or kyphotic) can increase the potential and severity of cervical spine injury should the subject be exposed to an additional inertial loading event. Stemper et al. J Biom 2005

Discussion: Muscle Spasm?? The answer is NO!

•In the radiology literature, loss of lordosis following MVC exposure is often attributed to muscle spasm.

•However, research into this hypothesis has shown it to be incorrect.

•For example, 12 weeks post injury, Giulliano et al found that loss of lordosis still existed in the MVC group at a much higher rate than a matched control group. 12 weeks is in the subacute to chronic stage and is certainly past the time period for “muscle spasm”.

•Lastly, if this were true then administration of muscle relaxants would significantly improve the lordosis.References:1.Helliwell PS, Evans PF, Wright V. JBJS 1994;76-B:103-1    2.Giuliano. Emergency Radiology 2002;9:249-253.•

We understand how a loss of cervical curve affects your spinal’s overall mechanics, and your long term outcomes. We specialize in restoring the curve and strengthening the surrounding structures. We can change how your spine functions and as a result change how you feel everyday and how you will do in the long run. Don’t want chronic pain and degeneration to be part of your future? Call us we really can help you, we are also happy to answer any questions about any of the information you have read here.

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